Licensed Agent

Am I a Licensed Non-life Insurance Agent?


Yes I am.
I am an agent for MAPFRE-Insular. Which by the way is one of the best in nonlife insurance!
(of course I'd say that, after all I am one of their agents)

Well, all of our cars and our relatives cars are insured with them. And sooo far, we haven't run into any problems. When our car breaks down we just give them a call and their mechanics and tow trucks are there in 30min.

They even have a call center ready to answer and address all of your claims! =)

Plus, they are nice people. (smile!)

MAPFRE stands for Mutualidad Agrupación de Propietarios de Fincas Rústicas de España >> such a big company in Spain. >> is the main site. The Philippine site is:

Karen Mangilit