Total Protector Package

This is similar to the Auto Comprehensive Package plus more! (isn't that great?!)

1. Cumpulsory Third Party Liability P100,000
2. Excess Third Party Liability - Bodily Injury (VTPL-BI) P200,000
3. Voluntary Third Party Liability - Property Damage (VTPL-PD) P200,000
4. Unnamed Passenger Personal Accident Insurance - P50,000/passenger (x 5passengers)
5. Loss or Damage - Based on Fair Market Value
6. Acts of Nature -Based on Fair Market Value
Indemnifies insured against loss of or damage to insured vehicle from natural calamities such
as typhoon, earthquake and flood.

Additional Benefits
1. Legal Assistance
2. Bail Bond
3. Road Assist
4. Security Glass Etching
5. Increased Towing Expenses
6. Psychological Test
7. Waiver of Deductible and Depreciation - No deductible and depreciation is charged to the insured when an identified third party is clearly liable and supported by:
a. Policy report, or
b. Incident Report Form signed by all parties
8. Personal Property Cover - Reimburses insured up to P2,000 for loss of or damage to personal property of the insured directly caused by an insured accident.