Prohibited Risks/ Vehicles not Qualified

Prohibited Risks:
List of vehicles not qualified for insurance:
  • Amusement park vehicles
  • Broken-down / Poorly maintained vehicles
  • Driving academy vehicles
  • Military vehicles / Military surplus vehicles
  • Public utility vehicles
  • Colorum vehicles or vehicles suspected of being illegally used for hire or rent
  • Tricycles or motorcycles with sidecars
  • Vehicles used for racing, pacemaking, reliability trial or speed testing
  • Ambulance/Fire Trucks/emergency vehicles
  • Reconditioned vehicles
  • Heavy trucks/Cargo trucks/Tankers and Lorries/ Dump trucks
  • Stainless/Semi-stainless steel vehicles
  • Jeepneys/Open-type vehicles
  • Surplus units (units acquired in Subic)
  • Armored cars and their back-up vehicles
  • Vehicles used for the carriage of passengers or for hire or reward
  • Motortrade vehicles

what a long list isn't it?