Auto Comprehensive Package

What is included in our standard Auto Comprehensive Package?
Let's take a look! Read on!

1. Cumpulsory Third Party Liability* P100,000
2. Excess Third Party Liability - Bodily Injury (VTPL-BI) P200,000
3. Voluntary Third Party Liability - Property Damage (VTPL-PD) P200,000
4. Unnamed Passenger Personal Accident Insurance - P50,000/passenger (x 5passengers)
5. Loss or Damage - Based on Fair Market Value
Indemnifies insured against loss or damage to insured vehicle due to:
a. Accidental collision or overturning
b. Fire, external explosion, self-ignition or lightning, burglary, housebreaking or theft
c. Malicious acts
d. Whilst in transit (including the process of loading and unloading) incidental to such transit
by road, rail, inland waterway, lift or elevator (note: does not cover transit by
RORO/inter-island transit)

*CTPL is optional in the Comprehensive Package.
The CTPL is the one required by LTO.
When requesting for a quote state whether you want Auto Comprehensive (AC) only or Auto Comprehensive with CTPL (AC + CTPL)

Additional Benefits
1. Legal Assistance - Provides assistance in case of a legal suit due to death or, bodily injury to, or damage to property of third party arising from the use of the insured vehicle.

2. Bail Bond - Covers posting of bail bond required in the event of a criminal suit in connection with an insured incident up to a maximum of P10,000.

3. Road Assist - (For private use vehicles only) - Provides emergency roadside repair and towing of insured vehicle, and personal assistance in case of mechanical or electrical breakdown.
- Emergency Towing: P4,000.
- Removal using Crane: P8,000.
- Minor on-site repairs
- Emergency message relay
- Alternative Transport
- Hotel overnight accommodations: P1,000.
**see Road Assist for more details

4. Security Glass Etching - A proven effective car theft deterrent, where the vehicle plate number is permanently etched to the:
a. Windshield
b. Back glass
c. Front window glasses

5. Increased Towing Expenses - Reimburses insured up to P2,000 for towing expenses following an insured accident.

6. Psychological Test (for private use vehicles only) - Free psychological profiling for FAMILY drivers, includes:
a. Personality Profile
b. Driving Aptitude
Karen Mangilit